Jan 18, 2010

Can't Wait!

We're meeting our photographer - Tsen - tomorrow to view our solemnization and post-wedding Bali holiday pics!  Can't wait!

This fun couple also just got hitched - see more of their crazy pics here.

Jan 16, 2010

Blank Canvases

We've asked each other so many times - "Where can we find a blank canvas to work our ideas on????" In a short writeup of one of favourite magazines - Home & Gardens - it says "If you're lucky enough to have a disused outbuilding, why not create a fantastic space for entertaining? All you need are some simple long tables and chairs and some classic candelabras."

Exactly! On a blank canvas, it be a warehouse, or an unused factory, all you need are amazing table settings, flowers and chairs to create a stunning event. It can be so simple.

Beautiful Aesthetics

It's been awhile since we posted but inspiration was lacking until we chanced upon this gorgeous cafe posted here. We love that for something as simple as coffee, so much attention is paid to aesthetics - the checkered floor, colour palette and lighting, it's perfect.   Kudos to the people behind it!

Jan 6, 2010

As The Party Kicked In...

Our guests got into the mood - but what in the world are the guys looking at?

The mood was certainly jolly when everyone had a glass of wine in hand.

The flowers and table setting were gorgeous - I spy a Little Creatures beer bottle!

Last burger standing...

The food was great and the guests were so delighted!

There was even singing...

and some dancing.

Even more singing!!

More dancing!!! - this was a real shocker for J. Thanks so much guys!

And even a magician!

There was definitely lots of love and jolliness in the air...

...big grins all round :)

And lots of fun!
Thank you to everyone who attended and made this such a joyous time for us both. We love you all!

Dec 29, 2009

When We Say, "I Do!"

Thanks to our good friend Jolene, here's a preview of the event whilst Tsen (our official photographer) puts our photos together in a pretty little album.

It was the funniest solemnization ever! Our nerves got the better of us and we were hardly listening to the Justice of Peace - replying with all our "I Dos" and "I Wills" before the JP could even complete his sentence. It was hilarious! Great thing was, the comic timing was perfect (totally unplanned) and our guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

As We Prepare...